IT’S HERE AT LAST! Orbitrack for Android is on Google Play

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More than a year in the making, Orbitrack 2.0 for Android is finally out the door!  It’s available on Google Play here:

It runs on Android 4.4 or later, and supports Android 10.  Orbitrack is a 64-bit Android app, and runs on devices with both ARM and x86 processors.  Feature-wise, it’s identical to the iOS version of Orbitrack, with two exceptions:

  • The Augmented Reality mode does not (yet) blend images from the camera onto the sky background
  • The voice-controlled virtual reality mode is not yet implemented.

For this reason, we are launching Orbitrack for Android at version 2.0.  As we add these features with forthcoming updates, we’ll bump the version number up to match the iOS version.

Let us know what you think!